reflection, rating and ‘regating

I’ve continued to work pretty hard, but it looks like the initial burden of creating a 1.0 system is done. Now we’re in that wonderful time of reflection, rating, and looking forward to the future.


There are plenty of things that go wrong when creating a software system. Testing being the biggest failure — without a major internal impetus to TestFirst. We’ve been encouraged to start doing TestFirst Development in our next milestone, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon. It seems tailored to fast-paced, [short-attention span], younger developers … but as one of those, I welcome the lessons to be learned.


We just went through our first-quarter engineering assessment. I scored well. Some of the best developers I’ve met didn’t. It’s kinda f’ed up.


I’ve started playing with NewsMonster over this holiday weekend. It’s a standalone-java site-aggregator engine with a Mozilla-based front-end. I’ve set up a bunch of feeds in it, and hopefully it’ll break me from having Slashdork as my consistently-open browser window… it’s gotten me to want to blog more [as evidenced by this post], but perhaps more importantly to make the BlogPlugin I’ve talked about for a while.