second brew

The oddmonster was kind enough to get me a homebrew starter kit approximately a year ago, though it took me nearly 9 months to actually sit down and use the thing.

I pitched the original yeast which came with the starter kit, but certainly after 9 months of being uncared for there was no hope that a bag of dead yeast would do anything. As well, no matter how many times I read and re-read the directions before and during the process, a measuring mistake or two was introduced. I noticed that there was no fermentation the next day, and went down to the local homebrew supply place to get some fresh/real yeast, and re-pitched the next evening. Strangely, there was still no fermentation activity the next morning, and hopes were not high.

After a continued lack of activity and more than enough time, I removed the 1-gallon cubitainer from the basement and poured out a sample. Not only had no fermentation occurred, but it was pretty nasty. Into the sink it went.

Just after the Oddmo’ got me the kit, a friend was kind enough — in the midst of cleaning house — to donate to me both various homebrew accoutrements and a plethora of text, which I’d been studiously reading for the past year…

Mr. Whyte runs the homebrew supply store just down the road, and was kind enough to be working on Labor Day … from the looks of it, a good day to be conducting commerce. I was able to jump in and get kitted out … a food-grade fermentation bucket, airlock, hydrometer, siphon, &c…. and the ingredients of the recipe for 5 gallons (19L) of Old Growler

Homebrewing is a pretty simple art: water + malted-barley + grain + sugar + yeast + wait = beer. The amazing thing is just how long it takes to heat and cool 2 gallons of water…

After starting at 7pm, at 11:40pm last night, I happily closed the lid on my second batch.

It was exciting to check in on it all day, and watch copious bubbles of CO2 come through the airlock.

Now to figure out how to do all my record keeping in RDF…

Old Growler

For 5g/19L ; 1.040-1.050 OG; ~4.4% ABV ; 10g dry ale yeast.

Grains: * 4 oz Victory * 8 oz Crystal 60 * 4 oz Chocolate * 4 oz Wheat

Extracts: * 5 lb Light Malt Extract * 8 oz Light Brown Sugar

Hopping Schedule: * 1 oz Fuggles – 60 min * 0.5 oz Fuggles – 30 min * 0.5 oz Fuggles – 5 min