VAGUE meeting report – Thu 16 Feb 2006

Last night’s VAGUE meeting was dominated by the Key Signing Party, which went pretty smoothly. We were joined by a few fresh faces, which is always nice. This was my first key-signing event, and it was simple and painless; the pizza helped, I’m sure. I’ve already received a couple of signatures from others, and will start sending mine to various UID addresses this evening. Unfortuantely, a couple of people were unable to attend and there was a mis-recorded fingerprint, so a follow-up event might be in the cards during an upcoming meeting. I had intended to present a round-up of [application software that can make use of GPG](, but it turns out that GnuPG already has a nice list of such software. So I punted and spent time on GnuCash instead.

After the KSP, we talked briefly about next month’s meeting. It will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month, which is Thu March 16th, and it’s very likely to be in the Mac lab (Waterman 113-T); Jim Lawson will schedule the room. With this meeting we’ll get some external publiclity, primarily by putting an announcement into Seven Days. Sam Hooker has volunteered to put the ad in next week.

At the same time, we didn’t come up with any agenda for the next meeting. We had talked briefly about discussing (the draft of) version 3 of the GPL. It seems like that should be a presentation followed by open discussion, and thus would require someone to develop a (or adapt an existing) presentation on the changes. But, even that is up in the air. So, content TBD…