Champlain Valley Water Quality, 2009

I missed putting up the water quality numbers from this spring, but in the mean time it turns out the Champlain Water District has the Water Quality Reports up on the web. Unfortunately, they’re huge PDFs since they seem to be simply bitmap scans of the paper report. :(

In any case, here’s the relevant homebrewer water quality details:

Aluminum0.056 mg/L
Alkalinity57-74 ppm as CaCO3
Calcium Hardness45-56 ppm as CaCO3
Total Hardness61 ppm as CaCO3 (3.6 grains/gal)
Chloride17 ppm
Foaming Agentsless than 0.1ppm
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)2.10 ppm (1.49-2.74)
Conductivity182 ┬ÁS/cm (158-202)
pH7.66 (7.4-7.94)
Total Dissolved Solids113 ppm
Ironless than 0.01ppm
Manganese.006 mg/L (0 – 0.023)
Potassium1.31 ppm
Sulfate15 ppm
Silverless than 0.005 ppm
Silica1.4 ppm
Silicon0.67 ppm
Bromideless tahn 0.010 ppm
Iodideless than 1 ppm
Flouride0.96 mg/L (0.71 – 1.19)
Ammonium Ion0.12 ppm (0.02-0.23)