The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism
By Shadi Hamid

February 12, 2017 at 09:26AM
via The Atlantic

«I worry, though, that in underscoring these facts, experts end up legitimizing the other side in the debate by assuming that they are simply misinformed and might benefit from knowing the “correct” facts about the Brotherhood, when the other side has not, in fact, even attempted to make fact-based arguments. The argument advanced by the Trump administration, and people like chief strategist Steve Bannon, is an ideological one, which fits quite nicely with the narrative of a clash of civilizations. This clash pits the West, and more specifically Judeo-Christian civilization, against “radical Islam,” an amorphous concept which seems to, at least potentially, include not just extremists, but Islamists more broadly, and not just Islamists, but Muslims more broadly.»

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