It’s happening here

It’s happening here
By Paul Campos

January 5, 2018 at 03:52PM
via Lawyers, Guns & Money

«We are now is such a degraded political culture that the fact that the president of the United States threatened to seek a prior restraint on the publication of a book critical of him hardly registers with the public.

A prior restraint on the publication of a document is the most extreme form of government censorship, short of actually jailing or killing the authors of undesirable texts. The Supreme Court has never upheld a prior restraint, even in cases where the government claimed that publication would severely damage national security. That Trump did so to stop a book from being published merely on the grounds that the book contained purportedly libelous statements about him is both a legal and political travesty.

It is a quintessentially authoritarian gesture. That this kind of thing is now so normalized that it generates little outcry — or even notice — is just one of many signs of how far and how fast we are falling.»