Democrats Need to Decide If Work Matters

Democrats Need to Decide If Work Matters

February 7, 2019 at 06:57PM
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«Work-based programs like the EITC and job guarantee tend to let old, sick and disabled people fall through the cracks, unless specific provisions are made to provide for these exceptions. »

As Bruenig points out, this is only half the problem. Besides the old, sick and disabled that might not be able to work, there are three other classes that should not work: children, students and caregivers. And combined, the 6 groups almost entirely make up those in poverty!

So, a work-based welfare state that does not service those groups that A/ can not and B/ should not work isn’t great!

Besides, the notion that only work – and especially the type of work that a job guarantee or work-based welfare state provides – is the way to a fulfilling life is hard to swallow, and also a (malleable) cultural product … and one that’s ultimately wrong, I think … especially as amplified by a consumerist, consumptionist, capitalist economy.