allowing trackback

I’m now allowing trackback by default on new posts. Since this (and syndication-feed generation) was my original motivation for moving to MT (vs. a homebrew/ad-hoc setup), I feel kinda silly. In my defense, I know what “ping” is, and it’s not “trackback”. Now I know what “moveabletype:ping” means, too. :p

less of a test

This is less of a test. On second review, my stylesheet is coming togehter quite nicely, and I think I’m ready for 2.0 to be launched…

Specifically, I’ve got ~50% more FOAF than before, and a new personal page, which I haven’t really had for a while. The twiki will be relegated to it’s rightful role, and obvousily I’ve got some MT lurvin’ in effect.

So … I’m at the point other people were at ~3 years ago; go me.