Personal Information Server

Havoc Pennington on Filesystems

+1 on the idea of a personal WebDAV server as being the center of a new manner of data interaction in a desktop environment. But I think it’s important that it’s not simply a “document” storage system. While important, people get funny ideas about what a “document” is vs. what data people are more apt to create in the course of an interaction session with a computer … there is a unseen but real call for a Personal Data Server, which allows for the structured creation of interelated micro-content.

I’m speaking here about things like “phone book records”, “recipes”, “movie reviews”, “to do lists”, “wish lists” … they’re not sexy, nor grand, and therein lies the strength of the system. I assert that they can all be represented, and the system can be built, in a purely declarative manner.

More specifically the combination of: * personal HTTP+WebDAV server * RDFS and OWL for schematic description * a presently-undefined high-level user-interface ontology * infrastructure around efficient storage, indexing, searching and data-inspection GnomeStorage


I got a Prismiq MediaPlayer. They provide a linux-native media server, but no front-end. I started a simple PrismiqIndexer. Go me.