kayaking (a different part of) the Winooski

A couple of weeks ago, oddmonster and I took a trip along a different section of the Winooski — putting in at the bottom of the Bolton dam, and taking out at the Community Green in Richmond, VT.

Oddmo tells the story of the trip (including the moose [!]) much better than I; all I can provide is the data.



For those following along with the AMC River Guide, this trip stradles the Winooski River : Montpelier → Jonesville and Jonesville → Essex Junction sections…

@prefix river: http://no.specific.namespace.yet.com/ns/river-trip#. @prefix dc: http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/. @prefix foaf: http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/. @prefix rdfs: http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema# . @prefix geo: http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/wgs84_pos#.

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@@fixme: tokenize the water-level descriptions

; river:description “flatwater”, “quickwater”, “class-I”, “class-II” ; dc:date “2004-10-16″ ; dc:description “””A decent 10-mile section of the Winooski; this trip puts in mid-way between Waterbury and Richmond, at the public-accessible Bolton Dam (run by Green Mountain Power). The takeout in Richmond is small but noticeable and developed. The class-II rapids start quickly after the dam and putin.””” ; river:put-in [ a geo:Point; geo:lat “44.35775”; geo:long “-72.817597″ ] ; river:take-out [ a geo:Point; geo:lat “44.401567”; geo:long “-72.997627″ ] ; river:trip-distance “16.093”^^http://sweet.jpl.nasa.gov/ontology/units.owl#kilo_meter ; foaf:maker [ a foaf:Person; foaf:nick “jsled” ; rdfs:seeAlso http://asynchronous.org/jsled/foaf ] ; river:navigable “all water levels”, “running-aground-low in fall” ; river:scenery “rural”, “towns” ; river:maps “USGS Montpelier 15, Waterbury, Richmond”

; river:portage “none on this segment”


kayaking the Winooski

Yesterday, oddmonster and I took a trip down a section of the lower Winooski. The original plan was to put in just after the dam at the Winooski bridge — which we cross twice daily — and to run the nearly 10 miles down to where the Winooski empties into Lake Champlain. But, after getting a late start, we decided to put in a bit further on, at a nice canoe access provided in the Ethen Allen Homestead.

It was a beautiful day for paddling, and a nice remaining day of summer. That section of the river is both wide and deep — we had no space issue even with motorboats around, and we never once got remotely near grounded. Though the sign at the put-in said we were 5.5mi from Lake Champlain it was more like 7…

We took out at Charlie Auer’s Family’s Boathouse, which is a fixture of the Burlington outdoor landscape. Having been there for 75 years, they are nothing but committed to making your trip awesome … they also run the bike ferry, and have prime placement on the bike trail, so there’s always folks around.

This was also the opportunity I’ve been itching for to play with my brand new Rino 120. We crashed pretty hard yesterday evening after getting back, but tonight I found the time to download the track log data onto my linux box. But the real win was finding the excellent gpsvisualizer.com.

One small issue with gpsvisualizer.com is that it doesn’t let you assign the color of the waypoint markers … but a bit of svg editing later, and problem solved.

Thus, our Winooski river trip:

Path, topo

Path, ariel photo