rstiki is a minimalist single-file personal wiki using reStructuredText syntax (via docutils) inspired by pwyky. It does not support authorship indication, versioning, hierarchy, chrome/framing/templating or styling. It leverages docutils/reStructuredText as the wiki syntax. As such, it's under 200 lines of code, and in a single file. You put it in a directory and it runs.



  1. Place index.cgi in a web-accessible directory; set the ownership and execution permissions correctly.
  2. Navigate to <http://host/path/to/rstiki/index.cgi>. This will create a .htaccess in the directory for the instance.


The GNU GPL, Version 2.


Absolutely none expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

In particular, I don't intend to use this script on a web server that is open to the public, and I do not recommend that you do either, without undertaking a security audit.


authored: jsled, updated 2007-02-05